What Do I Miss?

I don’t miss a certain food, and I’m not necessarily homesick.  But I seriously did not realize how much time I save in everyday tasks in Ohio, things that I don’t even think about.  2 days ago I did my laundry.  Half of a basket took me about 2 hours, not including the dry time as my clothes were hanging up.  Yesterday we ate dinner around 6, but my market run was at 1 and we started to cook at about 3.

Especially for a woman, time is not something to be taken for granted in Haiti.  And I’m saying this as a girl who doesn’t have to fetch her own water or watch any children.  Ironically, I’m reading The Hole in the Gospel right now & the book was just talking on the same subject.  Specifically, it talked about water.  It was funny as I started the chapter…

“Most of you probably rolled out of bed today and took a hot shower” (Nope)

“You started your coffee” (I got out my water to start boiling it over a propane stove?)

“And turned on the faucet to brush your teeth” (Nope, I use a water bottle. There wasn’t any water coming from the sink anyway.)

“You then went to the fridge” (Don’t have that luxury here) “and put a clean glass in the door to get a stream of fresh, cold water” (I got some room temperature water from the Igloo.)

The book assumes the audience isn’t spending a year in Haiti. I laughed and pointed out the irony to my roommate, but the chapter still made me sit back and think.  Even here, I have such a higher standard of living.  I felt that I wasted an afternoon because I had to do laundry.  I could not make plans one afternoon because I had to start dinner right after lunch.  These are things that we don’t even think about, that cripple the time of others.  Even as I miss the free time I used to have, I still have a lot of time for myself.  Imagine if I didn’t have an Igloo of clean water.  Imagine if I had children, or was a child myself who had no time for school.  Imagine if I wanted a job, but barely had time for daily chores.  I didn’t realize how much of my time would be consumed by the lack of technology (and electricity) that is common to me at home, yet I am still taken care of well compared to my neighbors here in Cabaret.

I’ve wanted to write a new post all week, but between an internet stick that doesn’t always want to work and the plate of things I have to do after my everyday tasks are done – it has waited until now.  Just think about if I was not as blessed as I am, if my worries were much deeper than reading and posting on a blog and going to meet our partner pastors.


4 thoughts on “What Do I Miss?

  1. Stephanie, I am glad that you are adjusting well. You put so many things in perspective. Things that I felt last year when I was there and even when I came home, but then I got back into life and the things we take for granted. Thanks for the reminder. Continued prayer for you and your team.

  2. Super great to hear from you, Steph. I look forward to more…when you make time! Thanks for the reminders….I’m so thankful for simple things in this moment in my over-blessed American life and took a minute to loosen my grip on a few other things in my heart.

  3. Hey Stephanie, love reading your Blogs! You have such a great way of sharing your journey, I am so happy God’s peace is with you and you are experiencing such a special journey.

    I am so excited the Brandon and you are going to get to share Gods work together! Who would of ever Thought! God is Amazing!

    I was told you can get packages unless someone brings them! What can we send to Brandon for you ?? Special snacks etc!!

    Love you Stephanie!!!!!

    • Stephanie, as alway you inspire me! Keep on girl!! Guess we will just have to surprise you with things in a little package! Gods Speed!:)

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