What Do I Miss?

I don’t miss a certain food, and I’m not necessarily homesick.  But I seriously did not realize how much time I save in everyday tasks in Ohio, things that I don’t even think about.  2 days ago I did my laundry.  Half of a basket took me about 2 hours, not including the dry time as my clothes were hanging up.  Yesterday we ate dinner around 6, but my market run was at 1 and we started to cook at about 3.

Especially for a woman, time is not something to be taken for granted in Haiti.  And I’m saying this as a girl who doesn’t have to fetch her own water or watch any children.  Ironically, I’m reading The Hole in the Gospel right now & the book was just talking on the same subject.  Specifically, it talked about water.  It was funny as I started the chapter…

“Most of you probably rolled out of bed today and took a hot shower” (Nope)

“You started your coffee” (I got out my water to start boiling it over a propane stove?)

“And turned on the faucet to brush your teeth” (Nope, I use a water bottle. There wasn’t any water coming from the sink anyway.)

“You then went to the fridge” (Don’t have that luxury here) “and put a clean glass in the door to get a stream of fresh, cold water” (I got some room temperature water from the Igloo.)

The book assumes the audience isn’t spending a year in Haiti. I laughed and pointed out the irony to my roommate, but the chapter still made me sit back and think.  Even here, I have such a higher standard of living.  I felt that I wasted an afternoon because I had to do laundry.  I could not make plans one afternoon because I had to start dinner right after lunch.  These are things that we don’t even think about, that cripple the time of others.  Even as I miss the free time I used to have, I still have a lot of time for myself.  Imagine if I didn’t have an Igloo of clean water.  Imagine if I had children, or was a child myself who had no time for school.  Imagine if I wanted a job, but barely had time for daily chores.  I didn’t realize how much of my time would be consumed by the lack of technology (and electricity) that is common to me at home, yet I am still taken care of well compared to my neighbors here in Cabaret.

I’ve wanted to write a new post all week, but between an internet stick that doesn’t always want to work and the plate of things I have to do after my everyday tasks are done – it has waited until now.  Just think about if I was not as blessed as I am, if my worries were much deeper than reading and posting on a blog and going to meet our partner pastors.


4 thoughts on “What Do I Miss?

  1. Stephanie, I am glad that you are adjusting well. You put so many things in perspective. Things that I felt last year when I was there and even when I came home, but then I got back into life and the things we take for granted. Thanks for the reminder. Continued prayer for you and your team.

  2. Super great to hear from you, Steph. I look forward to more…when you make time! Thanks for the reminders….I’m so thankful for simple things in this moment in my over-blessed American life and took a minute to loosen my grip on a few other things in my heart.

  3. Hey Stephanie, love reading your Blogs! You have such a great way of sharing your journey, I am so happy God’s peace is with you and you are experiencing such a special journey.

    I am so excited the Brandon and you are going to get to share Gods work together! Who would of ever Thought! God is Amazing!

    I was told you can get packages unless someone brings them! What can we send to Brandon for you ?? Special snacks etc!!

    Love you Stephanie!!!!!

    1. Stephanie, as alway you inspire me! Keep on girl!! Guess we will just have to surprise you with things in a little package! Gods Speed!:)

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