How do you put it in words?

I realize that I still have not given a basic update since I got here, please know that it’s been on my mind! There are two roadblocks: time (we’ve talked about that) & the simple/complex truth that it’s impossible to explain one day, let alone two weeks in Haiti.  But I really do want to involve everyone in this movement, so here I am to try to bullet-point life since I landed 2 weeks ago:

  • I landed & once again felt like this is just where I belong.  How does a foreign third world country feel like home?
  • The medical team was wonderful. True medical skills & knowledge, compassion, an awesome group dynamic, and passion in the partnership between Grace Fellowship & Canaan – I could not have started my year off in a better way.  Our partner pastor, Samedy, is full of passion for people and he led the team much better than I could imagine.  The team was already planning the next trip on their last day.  And speaking of teams, I joined an amazing one with the CPR-3 Movement.  
  • Returning to Canaan was just awesome. A little boy named Devison grabbed my heart for some reason last June – he found me before our church service was done.  (Church in Canaan: A lean to wrapped in tarp, where people bring their own chairs. Devison was outside looking in through the door.)
Devison after he said “wi” to remembering me
  • It’s a little intimidating/overwhelming to land & ask the questions “What are my goals?” “Why am I here?” – but I’m covered in prayer and SO have peace that transcends understanding! I’m starting to fund my place.  I get to help with partner (church to church) communication and I’m going to teach English in Bercy with Tiffany! (I am not a teacher AT ALL…but I speak English. So here I am, qualified to serve even though it seems funny to me.)  **Teachers/anyone with ESL experience, please comment with suggestions and also where to get materials!
  • Learning Creole.  I’m impressed with what I know so far & simultaneously discouraged in feeling helpless in communication.  I want to build relationships yet feel frustrated as I visit Samedy’s wife & can’t engage in true conversation. I buy my food in market but can’t understand the prices on my own yet, because I don’t know all of my numbers.  I start a conversation and have to stop as they start to talk more in depth, feeling bad as I cut them off with “pa komprann”.  I’ve also only been here for 15 days, so I’m trying to remind myself that it’s a process! And I have help everywhere around me.
  • What does a day look like for me? I wake up (after sleeping through the rooster’s crows that I am now used to) & go to a propane stove to boil some water for coffee. Tiffany & I read (or more often, get distracted by Shernando staff) while deciding what to do with our day, sometimes we have plans and sometimes we don’t – but every day ends up full.   We may walk to market, our main source of food, to buy veggies to go with rice and beans. (We may buy meat…Raw chicken, on cardboard, flies all over it, put in a bag with bare hands as I pay for a bundle.)  We travel by walking, motorcycle, or sometimes the public transportation of a tap-tap.  And once we go out, I try to build relationships and learn Creole as I start to immerse myself in the culture.  Every day looks different.  I can write more about day to day things in another post, I could start and write for hours to explain just one day!

So as brief as I can make it, there are some basics about life in Haiti so far. There is so much more to it, but this is a blog and not a book 🙂 Please feel free to comment or contact – I’ll update soon as I attempt to give you a glimpse of the country that I am serving in!


4 thoughts on “How do you put it in words?

  1. LOVE! Oh my heart is so happy. I read this late last night- I went to bed super early and then woke up wide awake…encouraged my heart. You were prayed for around midnight 🙂 then, because of reading this, I had a dream that you, me and Leah were hanging out. What a nice dream it was! Ha! Love you Steph!

  2. Thank you. I’m excited I get to be a part of your movement in prayer. You are such an inspiration and I thank God for that!

  3. I hope your are able to take in every minute and not be too consumed with what you cannot control. I know you have but put Jesus in control and all will be good in the end. Thanks for sharing with us.

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