Good Friday


Hiked the ‘mòn’ behind Shernando for sunrise – what a way to start Good Friday & reflect on how amazing He is. I’m not a hiker, and I’m always the last in our trio as we make our way up the hill.  Breathing heavy, legs aching, wondering why I got out of bed for this…Man, was it humbling when I started to pray & I remembered my Savior. We’re in the middle of the week celebrating what He did for us – He was beaten (while being mocked in the process) to the point of ALMOST death, then he had to walk with a cross on his back. No wonder he couldn’t carry it himself the whole way.

Got to the top & reflected for a little over an hour in prayer & scripture – and when I was smart enough to remember “Communication goes two ways”, I just listened for Him. And just heard the truth that He did it because He loves me. What else do I need? What else could fill me, after hearing that truth? God loves me, and in that I am complete. And not only does He love me – but enough that Jesus went to the cross & was mocked, beaten, and experienced the cup of wrath that I deserve…He is GOD, He could have stopped anytime. It was hard for me to talk as I was out of breath hiking, imagine how hard it was to speak as He struggled for his final gasps on the cross. And yet, Jesus used his energy and words to proclaim “Father, forgive them.” Because He loves me. Because He is SO good. I am full.

‘Pikan’ that Gail picked up as we hiked back down – Our Savior wore a crown of these as He was mocked. I got just one in my finger while we were near the top & it throbbed the whole way home.

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