In the last two weeks:

  • I spent Easter morning in Canaan with Grace Fellowship’s partner (& my good friend) Pastor Samedy. We went to his service for Palm Sunday & there is no Sunday School, children just sit in church (and can be a distraction at times) – I wanted to serve my friend so I asked if I could teach the kids for Easter! This morning was complete dependence on God to work as I had no translator & there was a lot of room for chaos instead of class – I made coloring sheets with Creole & prayed over each one. Tiffany helped me translate, sing, pray with the kids – of course we were successful after praying over the sheets, with double the children that had been at church the previous week! We were blessed to have a car on Easter Sunday which meant that we got to pack 12 people into a Toyota SUV and take Samedy’s whole family to church – his wife and three daughters (one is 8 weeks old) do not usually get to go to church.  We went with Ethan & Gail’s family as well, I could not have asked for a better Easter!
Church in the building, children outside with us.
1 Piè 1:3 Ann fè lwanj Bondye, Papa Jezikri, Seyè nou an. Paske, nan kè sansib li, li ban nou lavi ankò lè li te fè Jezikri leve soti vivan nan lanmò a. Sa fè nou viv ak anpil espwa.
  • Our team member Gail will be leaving Haiti with her three boys on Tuesday. Her boys are 3, 6, and 8 & their bodies need testing and healing from doctors that Haiti cannot offer them. This has been prayed for & really thought about – but feels sudden as a piece of our family leaves.
  • We’ve been going to Bercy, where the Sant Mouvman is being built, to build relationships & get work done. Richard lives next door and his family sells snacks and soda, he comes to visit and is so excited that we’ll be neighbors soon!
Richard (who loves pictures, like every other kid who finds out I have an iPhone)
The view from the loft! Even if it’s not done yet, it’s the perfect reading spot.
  • Our friend, 14, had a brother die last weekend. We visited his father’s house and it was one of the times that I felt completely dependent on God as I just sat with my limited Creole and silently prayed for almost 20 people before me. The father is a voodoo priest and the house is covered in skulls, paintings, and what our friend called “bad crosses”. There was a baby with hydrocephalus (a sad and scary disease to see) that the father was holding, only adding to the ‘grav’ environment. What an moment to really depend on God & have my eyes opened once again to how desperately this world needs to be covered in prayer for God to breathe life into it, to open hearts to His true hope. Gail & I returned the next day and are praying that we are a light – Gail found a surgery advocate to figure out was has been done and what can be done for this baby in a family that is already grieving.
  • We’ve have many visits to and from the community from the mountain, which has also resulted in not one but TWO family dinners where we fed more than 20 people! Family dinners are on Fridays and we usually invite a small amount of children that we are close to while we eat together as a team. Just a small group of kids from the mountain and we realized that our group had grown by 7 – that adds up when you’re feeding hungry stomachs! It’s a joy to praise God that we get to be the hands that prepare it. There’s always plenty of playtime as well 🙂
Tiffany painting nails while girls drop by to visit one afternoon. The girl in the chair is named Shelly, she is 15 and she’s so sweet. Gail helped her heal up from a pretty bad machete cut on the back of her leg.
  • We’re learning to juggle setting boundaries…and setting those boundaries in love. This varies from children stopping by Shernando when we’re in the middle of a work day to friends asking for money to beggars in market – no is a hard word in any culture for us. Especially in Haiti, where people assume we have so much to give (and we feel guilty because on paper, we do have so much more to give). A hard but very necessary lesson, we want to encourage sustainability (and also healthy relationships!) with our friends and community.
  • Speaking of learning to say no – everyone wants us to teach them English! But, boundaries. Our ESL class (Tuesdays & Thursdays, early afternoon for 6th graders and evening for the community) starts THIS Thursday. A lot of help has been sent our way, which I really appreciate!
  • I only scratched the surface of the past two weeks, but one thing has proven true over & over again – PRAY! Prayer matters, it is the fuel to any movement & success, and it is so appreciated.