God is moving

…but our Internet is not!

Sending this from my phone to let you all know that I’m still alive & well – we haven’t had working Internet for the past couple of weeks.

Right now Grace Canada is here for the week with a team, processing Haiti and refreshing us with their new perspectives as they take it all in. Every day is full if the highest highs and the lowest lows – that’s the reality of living on mission.

Today I’m praising God as he covers us in his Father’s love and I’m crying (literally, crying) to God as I can’t forget the sounds and feelings of a small body crumbling into tears as she has to say goodbye, as she just radiates brokenness and hopelessness. I want to cover her in love – and I’m begging God to lead her to Him one day…I will always have to leave, he never turns around for one second.


3 thoughts on “God is moving

  1. You are never without prayers from Pickerington. It seems like we can’t go to any church meeting where your name is not mentioned. Thank you for doing His work for His people. You are truly a blessing to know.

    1. I’m SO thankful for that – and it makes a real difference! I wish I could put into words the way the encouragement and prayer really affect service. The blessing is the church sending me, and the one we’re all working for!

  2. You are so amazing. I brag to literally everyone about you. The way that you radiate God’s love takes my breath away. You’re so on mission for God and want everyone to know Him. Haiti is so lucky to have you.

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