CPR-3 isn’t called a missions organization. CPR-3 is a movement. So what does that look like, day to day? How do you even define a movement?

I can tell you that movement is what I see when I compare May 16th to March 2nd.

Movement is what I see rippling out as a  new team arrives back home and I can see the awareness spread as they can’t contain everything they experienced for a week here.

Movement is the differences in openness in relationships.  I’ve been putting myself out there for during the past two months, praying that God will soften hearts for ministry to girls here. The toughest girls, the ones I never would imagine I would pour into here, visited Shernando – for the first time since CPR-3 started!  I visit them throughout the week, I go to see them before church starts, and I sit with them afterwards.  They’ve transformed from standing and talking about me to pulling up a chair to talk with me.

I see movement in children correcting each other before I say a word, passing on lessons that I have been trying hard to pass to them.  THAT’S real change, that’s what will really last.

Movement is getting a new intern and beginning to teach her – just to sit back and realize “Was it only two months ago I was in your shoes?”.  It’s seeing the changes in yourself, interacting with people who treat someone else as the new girl and you as the girl that they’re getting to know.  It makes a difference to be here on the ground and show people a different picture of a missionary in the community – one who is focused on the long term development in their country.  Someone who believes this development is possible, that we’re past the handouts you give to a country in disaster.

Movement is what happens when you trust it all to God and you pray, with all your heart, for everything you touch that day.  And it’s happening, here on the ground in Haiti.


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