Saturday was a day of packing, sweeping, lifting, and coffee. Lots of coffee. We packed up our rooms and traveled in a tap-tap to the Sant Mouvman to unload our things!

Now, understand that the Sant Mouvman isn’t done. Like me, it’s a work in progress. We plan on living in our finished rooms while the rest of the building is finished. Our rooms weren’t as far along as we had planned so we piled our things into one room and worked half the day to touch up and finish our rooms. Afterwards we headed back to Shernando to get our bags to stay at the home of an overly generous missionary family for the weekend. We prayed with Maryanne & Mickens (two workers we love dearly from Shernando who have been talking all week about how they will miss us), checked out of our dramatically empty rooms, and hopped into another tap-tap to get to our friend’s house and sleep for the night.

There’s been a lot of flexibility this week – a key word in Haiti. And He has been good through it all. We also have a team here working on our solar panels and electricity, and one of the team members worded it perfectly as we had a conversation about it: “You need flexibility if you’re going to be working in Haiti. And really, that’s true if you’re going to be following Christ in general”.

So my last post was wrong, I’m not typing from the Sant Mouvman. Even better, I’ve had full days of working in our future home and full nights of fellowship with a wonderful family. I’m using their wi-fi to write to you and I get to start my day refreshed after sleeping through the whole night with a fan and a great mattress. He blesses us wherever we are.


Moving truck! Somehow we fit both of our rooms into one big tap-tap.

Oh, and for those wondering…Jessica came up to me and asked in her sweet little voice again about the ocean this Sunday. This was after her own version of Peek-a-boo (hiding behind Tiffany’s chair and saying “Stephanie pa ka wè mwen!”) and laughing with me as we played with her tiny shoes, trying to get them to fit me. He is good. We are a constant work in progress as He patiently watches our progress.


3 thoughts on “Moving…

  1. Stephanie, I love reading your posts. I love your heart and how you are being “flexible” and just taking things as they come. But, I especially love how you are being a disciple! You are making a difference. I cannot wait to see you. Take care.

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