We’re officially in the Sant Mouvman, with a team! We’ve been here for about a week now, and the team has been here for 3 nights. We’ve also grown our CPR-3 team for June as we added three summer intensive students. Like always, things are moving!

In the whirlwind of moving out, moving in, living on a work site, planning for teams, new people arriving…it can get stressful. Did I remember each detail? Will this be successful? Will they like it?

And He humbles me again. I’m so thankful that he does, and with a patient hand that quietly guides me to the truth. It’s when I sit back and reflect on what’s going on that I realize that he’s teaching me – it’s not thrown in my face that way that we like to teach each other.

We’re catering food instead of going to a restaurant, which means that we were surprised with leftover food on the first night with the team. The next day, one of the kids who commonly helps and hangs around (but never asks for a thing, he’s got amazing character at just 14 years old) admitted that his family is not well to Tiffany. They are already stretched thin – but now their plantain field is not able to get produce and they aren’t selling or eating. She comes to tell me and I put the two together – we can ask if this team is willing to give up the rice, beans, chicken, and sauce that we were surprised to have.

Today, we went to church in the community where I go on a weekly basis. I greeted one of the older women after church and she told me that she had a fire in her home yesterday. I went to look at it and later showed the team, asking if they’d like to pray with her. Out of their own initiative, they began asking questions about what needed replaced.

We couldn’t have planned it better ourselves. And this isn’t about a schedule but making sure that we are making an impact, touching both sides of the cross, stretching those on teams to grow. There’s a pressure that we put on ourselves to make sure there’s a ‘good experience’. But his plans are better.

A hungry family, without the big picture – just trying to find out where the next meal will be. An American team, without the big picture – just trying to figure out how to help as they ask questions like “Why do I have leftovers when I know someone around here must be hungry?”

A fire; destroying a mattress, mosquito nets, sheets, and all of the clothes of a 17-year-old daughter. A group of individuals with sheets, nets, and teenagers planning to donate clothes. Even extra mattresses, not needed after our organization has left the Shernando and bought new ones for our home.

He knew. And he wove it all together, the beautiful body of Christ.

I can make all the itinerary drafts I want, brainstorm all the great ideas that I can, and try my hardest to carry the entire weight on my shoulders. But at the end of the day He still lifts it off with no effort, gently reminding me that He knew the best plan the whole time.


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