It’s already July 1st. How did that happen?

For those of you who didn’t know, June is team season. We’ve had (at least) two teams per week, every week, all month. Balanced this with the new CPR-3 members for the month. Throw flexible schedules in the mix. And as you shake all of those up, remember that this is our first month in our OWN space, which changes everything. Little sleep & lots of blessings all month.

After sending off the last team, I want to share some points (aka: remind you that I haven’t forgotten about wordpress) before I fall into bed and possibly sleep for three days straight.

  • Our home is still a work site, but a lot less of one!
  • Lots of decisions, lots of people feeling ‘nudges’, lots of little ideas that turned into big trips – I can’t count how many people talked about coming here, it not being their idea, it being so far from their comfort zone…but they did it. And they were amazing. Life is full of those times where we feel like we should jump, say yes, do something that’s going to make life harder – no one that came would take their ‘yes’ back. Maybe it’s not Haiti, maybe it’s just talking to the woman that’s always getting coffee when you are. Bet you won’t regret it.
  • It’s scary how fast we get back into controlling, schedules, and being achievement based. I saw it in myself this month.
  • Kids that just want to be held. For three days straight, for no reason that we know, no talking even happens most of the time.
  • Beautiful people with radiant smiles as they remember friends from trips that have passed. Reunions and just being together again after a year or two. Presence matters.
  • Ice and fans. I still can’t believe it. These, in the last month, have become a regular part of life again. It’s still strange to me, and I’m still not sure how comfortable I am with being so comfortable.
  • There’s nothing like seeing your own family serve and share hearts with those you’ve been doing the same with. For a mother to bond with your own, for your brother to play with dozens of new friends like he’s adopted his own new brothers (that he might possibly step on with the size difference…), for attempts at Creole in both of their voices. Nadia? My mom held her little one and got her first ‘gift’ (mangoes) from Nadia’s mother Jeslin this week.  And everyone kept saying “your mom is coming!” “your big week is coming!”….but really? I mean my WHOLE church family. It was amazing to see everyone put their whole selves out there and be here where they were clearly meant to be this month.
  • Church family: fellowship is everything. I can’t tell you how I’m overflowing from serving beside and being encouraged by Grace. Wherever you’re at, please hear me when I say I know what it is to avoid church or think that America’s churches are too comfortable, too fake, it’s all about our personal relationship – there’s more. God’s moving in churches, God uses churches to move you.
  • Nothing like getting to worship with others in your own language. So filling this month. (Note: this comes from the girl who spent high school mouthing the words in church service)
  • Living in our community I’m now seeing more of the dark spots too – there’s a spiritual hold on Bercy over a lot of homes, a lot of families. Prayers of desperation for eyes to be opened is where I’m at.
  • As I type, I have one hand with painted fingernails. Just one. I was sick last week and the kids outside kept asking Tiffany to bring me outside so that they could pray with me, and I got one hand painted during one of those times too. We’ll talk about that later too 🙂
  • So many amazing relationships, stories, things I saw, things we all felt…there WILL be posts for them. I’m planning on telling you all about my friend James tomorrow.

Hard to choose just one picture – but this one says a lot. This is Caitlyn finding her friend, Maxon. They spent a few days together two years ago. We went down the street he lives off of and showed a picture, and neighbors jumped to help and call the 9-year-old boy to come over. As soon as he saw Caitlyn’s face, his lit up. He remembered her and didn’t leave her side until he absolutely had to, smiling the whole time.

Can you see his face? Presence matters. People, relationships - they matter.
Can you see his face? Presence matters. People, relationships – they matter.

Love you guys. Your prayer DID things this month.


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