Bits of July

What’s been going on?

  • Visiting Nadia’s house once a day (or trying to) and sometimes just sitting for hours. This has also led to my hair getting done every day – now to the point where the next hairstyle is planned as they are in the process of doing the braids for the day. More importantly, it’s led to subtle but big differences in a family that can be very aggressive. (You need to understand that Tiffany once thought Nadia was mad and yelling at her, then understood what she was saying in Creole was “Play marbles with me!” – I love the girl, but she’s got a personality). I’m also seeing Westalinda, her daughter, being held and getting attention while Jeslin, her mom, is willing to talk to me about the good and bad parts of the Haitian church that she’s experienced (Clothing is always the issue here).
  • We’re getting used to having our own place! We got to invite our friends from Laborderie (the family that has Jessica & Hope that I can just sit for hours with at THEIR house every week) over for dinner and some play time. It’s wonderful to have them here and just see the MUTUAL relationship that is building. Jessica is giggling, talking, and playing as she runs with the other kids while Hope chooses to stay back in her world right now. In the middle of this blog I actually got a visit from all of the teenage girls for the afternoon!


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  • We said goodbye to Tiffany earlier this month, who is back home now and readjusting to America while she plans what she wants to do next. We’ve talked about how being here is a constant transitioning at times, and this is yet another season for me. I learned a lot from Tiffany and her heart for people and relationships – and I pray that His strength will keep me going out and being as effective as I was with Tiffany pushing us out!
  • Walking out the gate to a group of kids waiting each day. They’ve started to filter out since teams, but there’s almost always a group sitting on the steps when we walk outside.
  • Learning the balance of relaxing (and using the shaded oasis of a home we now have in Bercy) after a busy team season and getting back into life – yet another transition has left me tired and struggling to stand up and start running again, but I’m slowly learning. I have a spirit of boldness in me and confidence and motivation for His mission to motivate me as I try to learn where I fit now.
  • We have an oven. This girl and her team have been able to eat CHOCOLATE CAKE & HOMEMADE CINNAMON BREAD. We also have ice now (big deal!!), which is perfect timing in a country where the heat index was 130 degrees today (no joke).
  • Finally, malaria & a parasite hit me at once. Please DO not be worried as they are treatable and on meds – but that’s been a part of life, me being slowed down and being stuck in while sleeping for days straight. Praise God for who I happen to be, because I was born an American I have the small amount of money that most people I interact with on a daily basis can’t afford for themselves when they’re sick. It’s really humbling to go to the hospital and be quickly treated while I know I have struggling friends here. Like my last post, being ill has once again brought people to pray for me and ended in people asking for me to come out and see them – love the relationships here.

God has been GOOD, always!


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