No internet (hence a quick update this morning), made our first pizzas after the treat of CHEESE when one our team members went to Port-au-Prince yesterday, lots of ‘house-keeping’, and relationships.

Humbled as we studied childlike faith, and what it means as we look deeper into it and try to understand how we can actively apply the concept as a team. Kids are TEACHABLE (and constantly observing and asking), TRUST their father (and look to him first, without question), and kids in the New Testament were considered ‘lowest of the low’ – they didn’t even have a social status before the age of 12. 

Turned from being taken care of to telling others on the team to go to the hospital – worried that my team is getting bitten by the same mosquitoes that I am. Telling you so that you can pray for the physical health of our small team.

Worked on getting Westalinda to sit, she’ll be four months old in 2 days. Every time, I have to push myself to go out. Yet every time, once I’m out, it’s hard to get myself to come back home. Every night this week has ended with being with Jeslin & her family.

Laughed at Kiki, who showed up beside me at Jeslin’s home and just hung out. He’s one of those two year old’s who’s hilarious because shows up all over the place and he’s just a little strange.


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