Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Maybe you guessed it after the last post – the internet is still not doing too great. I don’t say this to complain (come on, we’re in HAITI) but to explain why the week got cut off after just a couple of days. As much as I love the idea, sometimes (most times) plans change!

Some bits from the past three days:

  • Everyone is sick. Malaria, parasites, typhoid fever, and various un-diagnosed “icky” feelings – including a cough for our faithful Mickens. Ironically, I was beginning to start to feel normal again when everyone else announced that they had to call our Haitian friend Dr. Arys.
  • Challenged to LOVE HIM first. Be a lover, then work flows. Stop being a do-er. Constant message, constant challenge….really sent to me last week. Reminds me of my own passion for sustainability and change in this country – why do so many come work or help, and they don’t even ask a Haitian before starting? What an ironic reflection of the ‘things’ I can fill my days with – good work, yes, but we weren’t created to work. We were created to worship.
  • Thinking on overall structure issues, long term government and NGO tactics and programs and ideals and missions, Haitian worldviews, history and infrastructure and everything that goes into real change and renewal in this country. It’s not just hugs and bracelets with kids (even though that love does matter) – there are other big changes and revolutions. We don’t even think about the stability and things that are already set up for us in our government and the overall structure of America. From running water to a democracy, from the availability of jobs to putting our trash on the curb to be taken away.

In these days, I’ve had about half a dozen posts I could write, passionate thoughts and experiences and questions and my great Father working. For now, we’ll focus on seeing if this will post.


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