Jessica & Hope Update

Because I know people love them 🙂


A few Sundays ago, Hope was surprisingly talking, laughing, and playing! She took my hand web I tore myself away from the home they’re at and started to walk towards church – and then came Jessica running up giggling as we walked! She said she wanted to go to church so we went back and she picked the clothes for nth girls to change into and we went! (That explains the hair, by the way…)


And then there’s this PRECIOUS photo, she wanted to take them even though she wasn’t feeling great. With an eye infection she’s missed almost a whole week of the school she was so excited to start at. Brought her here one afternoon when she couldn’t stop crying because of the pain and she was able to get some water, medicine, and love….turning her back into giggly Jessica!


And both girls came two days ago after a doctor check up to double check their eyes and make sure the infections were on their way out. LOOK AT HOPE! If you were here you’d see me squealing over this picture like a preteen over a pop concert – playing with Amanda had her smiling like this, which is a big deal! Jessica was busy coloring 🙂

So for a quick update, these are highlights if course and don’t show everything but they are doing GREAT! Prayers are so evident in their life as well as the love of the family caring for them. Jessica is fully healing (although now I see an outbreak in all the children near Nadia’s house…) and they’re smiles are becoming more and more common! Jessica lives kindergarten and she’s very smart 🙂

Thank you for your prayers for these sweeties!


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