Stained Glass

Especially as we face tough times in everyday life here, I love this beautifully written blog by my dear sister in Christ (and dear friend!) Amy.

miscellany of my mind

The sun peeks through the glass shining multi-colored rays on the floor. The sight of it almost took her breath away…each hue seeming to sing a song of magnificence. The depth of each color and how it danced across the room was awe inspiring and fit the mood of the room, as each person bowed their heads to pray. It wasn’t always like this…this beautiful scene that captured all who looked upon it. That stained glass window had a past.

You see, at one time, the red pane lived a life in a Christmas shop, greeting passersby as they scanned the store for the next gift on their list. The small blue pane belonged to an elderly lady- a gift from a beloved relative who had passed on years before. The bright golden yellow, the lush green, the deep purple, the orange that was the color of a summer sunset…they…

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