Baby, Don’t Hurt Me, No More…

What is love?

Love is loving when the feeling isn’t there. With wisdom, choosing truth over emotion in a world that screams otherwise.

Love is doing it when it’s not exciting anymore. It was fun when it was new, now it’s almost a chore. But choosing it anyway, that is love.

Love is working on your attitude instead of going through the motions and getting through it to “be nice”. (I know someone…I mean, he’s THE One…he can see the motives anyway)

Our society throws love around and even in the phrase “I love you”, has somehow made it selfish. Because in that statement, we so often make it about us in what is unsaid. “I love you….because this is exciting right now“, “I love you….because I feel happy right now“, “I love you….for what you do for me“.

But we’re called to love our neighbors.

God knew our tendencies and then told us – ANYONE can love someone who is nice to them. I’m talking, enemies are neighbors too.

And loving them means treating them like you treat yourself. And you LOVE yourself, that you are definitely good at. For example, I just paused typing to get a citronella candle and warm up some mint hot chocolate since I’m outside. I know how to treat myself right.

I know I’m truly loving when I have to ask Jesus for some help first. When I started my day in prayer, REALLY putting my heart into the words of submitting myself to Him, that’s when I know I’m loving.

Thankful for his work in this human heart of mine.


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