Toxic Beauty

I’ve always been a saver – slow to buy & ending up with an outdated closet that I then regret.

But before I went out to restock on clothes (hand washing is ROUGH on tank tops), I saw an article on our “dispensable” clothing written by a girl in Haiti. Like me, she knows that our “generosity” with second hand clothes being passed on to third world countries really hurts more often than helping and she also pointed out more than I think of. And since then, I’ve seen it more and more – we need to rethink how we do clothing. We just buy, buy, buy and therefore there is a ridiculous amount of choice to buy FROM due to supply/demand.

Now that I’m aware, there is such a large pool to pull blogs or articles from. I’m choosing this one for the way she words it & the fact that she’s from Haiti – seeing the mass amounts of clothes like me.

“Most Americans are thoroughly convinced there is another person in their direct vicinity who truly needs and wants our unwanted clothes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Charities long ago passed the point of being able to sell all of our wearable unwanted clothes. According to John Paben, co-owner of used-clothing processer Mid- West Textile, “They never could.”” (This comes from another article:

We need to be radical in a disposable culture.

Fast Fashion

(Modeling a handmade piece from India)

Several months ago I went to India and promised to write a few follow-up blogs from my trip. Immediately upon returning home from India, however, school started again, I finished writing a nutrition chapter for a book (coming out this spring!!), and then I decided to run off to Haiti for a week! Anyways, this blog has been on my heart for a while, and the intensity of my experiences both in Haiti and India have made me compelled to finally write it.

Most of the time, I talk about food. Sustainable food, healthy food systems, eating plant-based, and general health…. In my “free time”, I am working on reading two books  (Endgame and Over-dressed: The shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion) that have really helped me make sense of how our current fashion INDUSTRY plays apart into all of this too…

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