Highs & Lows #1

After a month of teams, I’m in the habit of the icebreaker “What was your high of the day? And your low?” – and with so many things that passed in such a short amount of time, I think this exact phrase is the best way to “break the ice” in the things I have to tell you about what’s going on in my corner of the world.

High: I can’t start this Hi & Lo series without mentioning the fuel behind it all. The summer staff, I’ve said it dozens of times but can’t stress it enough, was wonderful. Rock stars. Watch out for what these leaders will do next. Missing Erin, who left before everyone else, here’s our “family picture” from the day we left:


High: There were many new family members to celebrate this past month! This includes our driver & friend Friegal (spelled for pronunciation) & Simon’s father, a vodou priest who has been slowly building a deeper relationship with us for months! You can spot Friegal in our family picture, in the top row near the right with a red shirt on. There were many others, including another vodou priest in Canaan who had dreams that the pastor would send someone to talk to him – and then another dream of a weight that could not be lifted until someone came to help him. It’s crazy how our Father will go so far for his children. Simon’s family does not agree with his father – however their hearts continue to soften, even to the point of asking for prayer – as we go deeper in relationship.

Simon Sr. (Photo by @esfeather, a dear friend to this family)
Simon Sr. (Photo by @esfeather, a dear friend to this family)

Low: When we asked “Creole” or “French” to see which Bible to get, the answer was neither because this father is illiterate. [There is a company that has created solar powered audio Bibles in Creole, I’m just trying to find the information!]

Low: Simon’s family has been SLAMMED with illness. This includes Chikungunya (with an extreme case for Simon Sr.), head fungus, fevers, complications from malnutrition, and infections. Their family mirrored Haiti in general (on a more severe level) – there was at least one member in each home I visited that was sick and usually needed simple Tylenol just to be relieved. I still flinch as I remember Minoosh & Sian telling me about how children further away from help were dying – simply from fevers.

Visiting homes around Canaan, we had a stock of supplies we walked around ready with as each home had at least one person laying inside with fever and joint pains.
Visiting homes around Canaan, we had a stock of supplies we walked around ready with as each home had at least one person laying inside with fever and joint pains.
Simon’s brother, photo taken by Dalinsky while we visited one night in early June.

High: There was an ABUNDANCE of medicine donated for Chikungunya – medicine being basic Tylenol & Ibuprofin, which is not a household item where we are in Bercy. This medicine helped literally hundreds – both by CPR-3 getting to represent the physical and spiritual sides of the cross together AND through training Haitians how to correctly use these items and them watching them own it and distribute it. I LOVED having Venise talk excitedly about helping people in Canaan, or listening to Emily’s father explain how helpful these basics were in Labourdie.

High: You probably won’t believe this story. But Simon’s family, still closed off to the gospel, was able to witness why I believe so strongly in prayer. One of the boys had a fungus the size of a swollen thumb growing straight out of his head that seemed to have grown way faster than normal within a week of visits. We had medical professionals on a team at the time that it was at it’s worst who said we could offer cream – but that it would be more for mental ease than anything else. They expected that a downtown hospital visit would be necessary. We prayed in a large group over the entire home after asking permission, asking for healing, protection, specifically for this son, provision after leaving the profession of a vodou leader in the community. The next day – the next MORNING – the fungus was completely gone, to the point that Regan & Alena double checked that it was the correct boy. I’m talking, GONE. God is so radical & I love it.

Here’s what I love about these high’s – there are lots of seeds that were planted this month, even seeds planted WITH Chikungunya medicine, or people watching us pray over things like head fungus that cleared up overnight.

But we also got to see seeds, a lifetime of seeds, come to life. Friegal & Simon are both constants in CPR-3, with long-term relationships and stories coming to this point. Simon Jr. said of his dad last spring, “He’s not a Christian yet.”….YET. That’s a BOLD word to say about your father, who hates Christianity so much that he beats you and would rather you be homeless.

And then, after that conversation a little over a year ago where I congratulated Simon’s optimism and trust in God, I got to see that “yet” come to life. That is straight awesome.

Keep watching this week for more “Highs & Lows!”


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