I Need Your Help

Friends, I am so thankful that I can come to you with prayer requests.

I need your prayer.

Wes & her mom remove themselves at times and it’s happened again. Pray for Nadia’s heart as she is so, so deeply loved and treasured by her Father. Pray for food, water, health, and safety. Pray for her as she told me she was kicked out of the home she was living in (in June, before I left). Pray for them as they haven’t been seen and God is moving in connections and networking to find medical help for Westhalineda, who is not developing properly in her legs. Pray for TiKris and wherever she is at in her heart and in her pregnancy, maybe she’s with Wes and it’s working in her heart and maybe she hasn’t seen them at all. Pray for God’s love to win out over lies and hardship, hunger and critical neighbors.

IMG_8636 IMG_7840


God is bigger, God is always working, and God holds them both in the very hands that stitched them together.

As he works in lives I’m also asking for bold prayer for the world changers that made up Momentum 2014, a youth conference where I saw real heart change and beautiful community and love for Jesus like never before in people’s lives. Pray for strength, boldness, communiy, truth that overcomes lies, protection against warfare that will make people want to back down and the boldness to look the warfare in the face and say “I STILL choose Him”, pray for friends and families and truth to be rooted down in hearts, pray for personal ridiculous growth and hearts just all out in love with Jesus. Pray for leaders as we follow up and love.

Thanks, friends! You make a difference.


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