Center for Intercultural Training

Hey, internet world! I’m in North Carolina, training to be better at serving & working cross culturally.As I work hard here (my schedule and free time is packed, but with things that are equipping me that I am so thankful for!), there are some awesome friends working hard in Ohio for a night of food, raffles, silent auctions, and…Haitian made jewelry! I don’t use my blog for this typically, but this is my long-distance way of spreading the news – I will be traveling up for October 19th. We want to create a night about stories, and you being a part of this one. If you’re in the Columbus area, please come! Don’t just come, bring a friend or family – or please invite them!


[RSVP here:]


Seventeen people could give $5 of spare change a month,
Fifteen people could give up $10 a month,
Twelve families or individuals sacrificed $25 a month,
Four families sacrificed $50 a month,
& one family sacrificed $100 a month,

I would be fully funded to leave for five years! I’d get Westhalineda organized for medical help, be greeted by neighbors asking if I’m coming back, and I’d hit the ground running with teams who are coming down for a week with their partner church and long-term interns coming soon.

This is just a sampling of how God may choose to bring us together in this story. We’re asking you to pray about if you’re one of the many it takes to make this happen.

[originally posted on Five Year’s Facebook Page:]

Thanks for the support you show me so often, friends! Hope you’re having a great weekend.


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