You guys are too nice.

Really, you are. You’re too nice, your words are crazy kind, your encouragements are the best.

But there’s just one catch: when people say I’m changing the world.

(besides the fact that this is not me. I’ve tried doing things myself before, and so I’m very sure it’s not me and instead all God doing awesome stuff)

I wish the single mom working hard to be present for her kids, no matter how overworked she is, was told that she was a world changer as she impacted those lives because she knows personally how important it is for them to be deeply assured that they are loved.

I wish the older man in the church who comes early and stays late, unnoticed but tying the loose ends of details together that WOULD be noticed, I wish that people let him know that he was a world changer.

To the girl who decides to be vulnerable in a group, telling a story that then changes the hearts of other girls who were too afraid to say the same things that they were going through – she deserves to be told she is a world changer.

For the anonymous donors around the nation who give to non-profits, those in need, and neighbors – they may not hear that they are world changers, but they deserve to.

For every student who has made even the tiniest decision to say no in the moment, you are a world changer.

There are mentors stepping up for a generation of boys without fathers. You are world changers, and I wish that every one of you could hear it and often.

Are you a faithful grandparent? Ignored at times even, but no matter what you get out of it, you are a constant in the family – you have grown up to have generations see you as a trusted backbone that seems to hold them together at times? I hope someone has let you know that you are a world changer.

If you are in line for food today and decide to react calmly despite the mistake that was made or the complaints of every other customer around you – you are a world changer.

Your moments, your yeses and your nos, they are all adding up to impact you, the environment around you, and the people around you. You are making an impact on the world. And if you are using your moments and decisions for something that is impacting the world for Jesus – I don’t care how unseen, small, big, public, or seemingly silly your step towards whatever He has called you is – You Are A World Changer. You deserve to hear it.

I appreciate you guys, I really do. I am so encouraged by you and your support means everything. But let’s not wait for those in international work, or those labeled as missionaries, to talk about who is changing the world. Let’s start letting the people living it out all around us know what we think of them, and let’s truly believe in ALL of the world changers.


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