Life Lessons

Today, Hope accidentally cut me with a razor blade (they’re sold as blades, not razors, here) while we were playing. I’m fine, and she punished herself with tears and a finger-snap quick change of attitude that went from giggles to seriousness. It was a good chance to tell her with a visual, as well as Biyonce & Jessica, that we should never pick up or play with razor blades even thought they are lying around sometimes (family member had been shaving nearby earlier and he didn’t realize someone picked the blade up).

A basic life lesson we all learn, and that she’d probably already been told before – just without the visual of what could happen.

Her immediate attitude change to solemn was a drastic change from the joy and playing that just explodes now from her and Jessica – while slower and quieter from Hope than Jessica – it’s still hard to fathom some days and so, so, so fun to thank God for what He’s done – and that of all people, I get to see. I was reflecting on that today, that change.

And the razor made me reflect on the way that we learn life lessons.

Which made me reflect on parents, a home to grow up in, and things we don’t even think of.

Two sides: I’m so, so thankful for the life I was born into.

I’m so, so thankful for this family who has become a foster family in the logistical sense of the word and taken Jessica and Hope in.

No child should grow up without a home both to teach them to stay away from the razor blades, and to help clean up the mess when the life lesson becomes real.

If you are a part of making a healthy home, thank you.

If you have a heart for adoption or foster care, I can’t even express it – thank you.


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