Moving Forward

Perseverance, endurance, joy in suffering – these are all things that our Father has already been teaching me.

But today as I deal with ailments and pains, problems with this temporary body in a harsh land, Israel Houghton’s song cane on and (even though I can only faintly hear it with an ear infection that has taken away most of my hearing today), I am reminded –

“You make all things new!
Yes, You make all things new!”

What a beautiful truth. This is not the end, this is not the story itself but only a piece of it….today is just one of the thousands that make up this temporary life where I am in a process of being made new.

This, too, is making me new.

I love God’s economy, and how it is with my weak, broken body that He makes something new. It doesn’t make sense, but neither does rejoicing in weakness – which happens naturally with a perspective fixed with our eyes on Him.

You make all things new, Lord.
And I will follow you forward!


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