Remember That Long Hike?

It was at least a year ago, a long hike to a school of tarp on a mountain.

Today, we partnered with Samaritans Purse & CBCC, who runs the school, to get shoeboxes! 

AND the school has a new building that a church stepped up to take care of and build!

Little Natasha, whose brothers walked with me that hike so long ago, had the biggest smile when she saw me….and it was even bigger when she got her box beside her kindergarden classmates!

This kind of stuff is awesome to see over time. And PS, the school was inspected and is better than government schools!



This Sunday has been a GOOD one, not for what was done but for time with God and stories up late talking on all he has shown and taught us today, how he has delivered, the work he has done.

I wish I could send the emotions, they aren’t possible to write. But in this overflow of just repeating story after story, lesson after lesson – we can’t stop exclaiming “God is just SO GOOD!” 

And in the conversation we turn to the realization that nothing would ever top these stories or seeing how He chooses to work.

And then we go – there’s a sad side. So many people are missing this.

The lukewarm, the comfortable, the ones not all in on which side to follow…they don’t get to have this.

Friends, please hear us. You do not want to stay comfortable and miss out.

The Little Things

It’s been a whirlwind of a month here, and it’s the little things that I can’t get over. The little verses I never saw before that the Holy Spirit brings me to, laughing late into the night with Samantha despite sickness in the home, the details of relationships.

As I passed my “Haiti Birthday” (I started my year in Haiti two years ago), I have been pounded with lessons, time with God, little moments that warm my heart, and endless reminders that it’s all being made new – me, you, everything around us.

Without going into those lessons today, there are just the little things from yesterday I can’t help but share.

When I step back for a second, life is surreal. You miss it if you don’t stop – a normal part of my life is hosting a Samaritan’s Purse team here and getting the opportunity to go out as Operation Christmas Child boxes are handed out.

This is where I get to be in life? Who would have ever imagined just five, ten years ago when I was packing boxes with my family!

One of our partner communities was where boxes were handed out. In the busy hand out with 100 kids running around and getting boxes, a friend of mine in the community comes up and has me hold out my hand….and then proceeds to pour out half of the skittles bag someone sent him in a box for me – happy to share as I said “No! This is for you!”

What? This is where God has placed me?

On the way down from this community on a mountain, TiPepite yells “Stephanie! Look what I got!” And then her brother does the same, and we stop and giggle and talk about how awesome the gifts they got were.

I get home and Louis says she missed me since I was out all day, and as she leaves gives me the longest hug – you know the ones that could stop, but go an extra five seconds because it’s just genuine and packed with love?

What? I get to be a part of her life, have this awesome woman as family with me at CPR-3?

And then a walk to the beach with Kiki, who is only allowed to go if his mom sees I’m going with him, and Bethsaïda. Them talking about cows and birds on the way, and me laughing as I go.

I get to be someone in Janine’s life, the mother of Kiki, that she trusts me with him like she doesn’t with others? I get to see him grow up, so different now than from the first beach trip years ago when he had to be carried?

And in the center of it all, Chelo comes in today and the real reason we are here – to bring breathe to the dry bones and life where there is death – is celebrated as we talk about someone down the road who accepted Christ this week. Someone Chelo is excite about for her influence in Bercy. God is moving!

I am blown away with what God has done. I am so thankful that He gives these little moments.

“This is the Lord’s doing,
and it is wonderful to see”
Psalm 118:23