I want to share a quick but important thought in the midst of our busy, never-ending-to-do-list, schedules out lives.

These are written thoughts from yesterday – not from me but from Holy Spirit prodding:

Your plan is to have me here, just me. Sick, leg, whatever comes. It’s not about what I do, it’s about me saying yes and being willing. While your plan is all about what You do anyway.

Since I moved to Haiti, I seem to be sick more often than healthy. I healed from a double ear infection that took me out during a double team week in February, just to break one ankle and sprain the other in the same fall just a couple weeks later. I prefaced the text to let my team know with a “I wish I was joking when I say……”.

This happened during a team week as well. With a compound to take care of, and a Compassion Corp participant to work with, and another on her way in a month. With 8 interns coming in the summer and neighbors to visit. With pastor information to gather and Internet that only works on the loft for work (the loft isn’t an option to get to when you have a cast on). With a kitchen upstairs for even the most basic job – eating and keeping the house clean. I have become completely dependent on those around me in a season where I was very actively using my legs to run around. Plus….dependence isn’t my favorite place to be. (Bonus lesson in the middle of all this as I struggle to maneuver my crutches and a quote declares from my wall…..”at our very best, we are completely and utterly dependent on God”.)

But then in the midst of this, I am in the center of His perfect plan.

His plan for CPR-3. His plan for our neighbors. His plan for teams. His plan for Compassion Corp. And His plan for me. It is not hindered by me, cause He knew. It is helped by me only as He has already planned. The work is not mine. The plan is His, the outcomes are His, the work is His, the willingness is mine. His plan is still going on 100% around me and WITH me, despite what I am “do”ing. And it’s been that way since my first fever in the beautiful Caribbean country I call home.

We are so free in Him, friends.


One thought on “Planned.

  1. And there is no better place than In the center of His will. We, too, have battle illness a lot since our move; yet the peace and joy is more abundant than ever. Praying for you dear friend!

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