Tonight there’s rolling thunder with the lighting strikes that accompany a downfall that rainy season is supposed to be known for – although we have had less rain than you’d expect for a season named after it.

Tonight, it’s cold. The water creeps in through windows and across the floor as the indoors is still sort of outdoors here, not completely sealed off for the sake of needing air flow. The rain poured for at least an hour, it’s slowing down now. 

Tonight, there is one person under a roof who wasn’t last night. One person able to be dry and secure as opposed to unsure and searching for a few hours of relief. It is not Christiana*, and it is not every other person still outside and full of uncertainty and fear and need (not including all those with roofs that let water in, mud walls that fall with too much rain, or dirt floors that are now muddy).

But it is one, and we will praise. We will pray for him, a teenager who saw no point to life with the combination of no work or school teaming up with being homeless to equal a hopelessness that was getting too heavy to handle. We are not praying for physical as much as what we are praying for the physical to point to – His provider, his Father. Comforter and friend, shelter and miracle worker.  The One who sees a son feeling no purpose who proclaims back, “My masterpiece! Chosen, called, living stone I want to build with!”

We refuse to back down because we can’t solve it all at once. We refuse to let the messiness of getting involved be too much to stay actively present. We refuse to be drawn back as it is compared to an ocean and an eyedropper.

We cannot relieve them all tonight. But one young man matters. 

After all, that one young man – once he believes it is true that he was created to breathe life – will affect more than we can try to guess now as he transforms his corner of the world one day.

(*I have reached out in search of resources for Christiana and received some leads to follow. You can keep praying for her! There I nothing like embracing her and saying I have been praying for her – and knowing I really have with my heart in it. Of course, she replies she prayed for me last night too.)


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