Great, now I’m getting emotional over Facebook comments.

What in the world, I just teared up over a Facebook comment.

As I cringe at another social media post and hope I’m not becoming “annoying”, “spammy”, etc….(because I’ve been offering the opportunity to partner with a family and sponsor their child daily – sometimes multiples times in one day)

I see a comment from someone who follows CPR-3 on the picture of a girl I adore, whose mother I have sat with in their small house the size of my bedroom on hot afternoons. A girl who has taken years to open up but who sometimes smiles from the background at me now. A mother who has not enrolled one of her children into school this year, who says “I have absolutely no way”.

This comment says, “The ___________ family will sponser her.”

Simple. Forward. You can tell it’s the dad who commented with the way that it is written 🙂

And that’s when I teared up.


In the apathy that so easily comes after just one or two posts, I had lost it. I lost the big picture.

In the thought, “There is always one more”, “This won’t solve every problem”, I was starting to get robotic.

And this one comment rocked me. A stranger, someone that I don’t know and someone that I know has never personally been to Canaan (maybe never even Haiti), stood up and said “We are in. She is mine. We’re going to do life together.”

Years ago, even just last year actually, the thought of this was a distant dream. Many people asked when sponsorship would be available, we weren’t sure if it EVER would be outside of where we live in Bercy.

Sponsorship is tough, and takes more logistics than we ever imagined when we listened to the people who asked us to make it happen and followed doors we felt God was opening, and then helping us get through on the hard days.

But now we are here. I am staring at a comment on CPR-3’s Facebook page that says, “We will sponsor her”.

Not even someone who knows her.

Tell me that in June 2012. Go back as this girl and her older brother are the first to come out with big eyes and watch us from far away, then slowly approach us but stay silent and unsure. Tell me that in 2013, when I went back and found that her brother remembered me, and I was amazed that I got to live in a country where he was. Tell me that in 2014, when I was amazed that I had the opportunity to fall in love with this family and now sit in the living room/bedroom/dining room/closet with their mom and SWAP STORIES IN CREOLE. To talk about her newest pregnancy and see her fears, to learn that God stepped in and sheltered His daughters from a human trafficker that approached the mother. Tell me last week, that tonight I would have the realization I got to have tonight.

I have watched us go from meeting this community and family, to now a stranger stepping up to partner with them in a program we weren’t sure we could even dream would happen. Our dreams seemed big….too big?

And here I have tears as once again I am reminded. Remember who your Father is, Stephanie. Small dreams are cute and all, but the impossible ones honor Him. And He CAN.

So yes, I teared up at a Facebook comment tonight.

I teared up for the God of big dreams, ones that we wouldn’t dream if He didn’t move our heart in the first place anyway.

I teared up for the chance to get to be a part of this.

I teared up in gratitude for this father of the family stepping up and saying, “It’s gonna be us. We will do life with her.”

Keep dreaming big and giving it to Him, friends.

Once again, He is too good.

If there’s a nudge in your heart, here’s the resources you might ask me for. This post was in no way AT ALL to “sell” child sponsorship, but I would be silly to not include the link to save you from asking me later. You can e-mail or check out If you already partner with child sponsorship, or partner with me so that I can be a part of making it happen, thank you SO MUCH for being a part of dreams bring reality. God is using you, and it is no small deal!


2 thoughts on “Great, now I’m getting emotional over Facebook comments.

  1. Hi Stephanie, Do you still need support for your ministry in Haiti? Probably a dumb question right? How would I directly help you or a cause close to your heart for missions in Haiti? I am putting you on my Christmas list and hoping my family will honor this gift request. Respectfully, Janet Campbell

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    1. Janet,

      I am honored! I will send you an e-mail as well, in case that is easier for you? But I will typer here as well. I really am honored – thank you for thinking of me, and reaching out!

      I am right at the time of year where I am looking for monthly partners again, or those who are interested in one time gifts (through CPR-3, there is a tax deduction!). In future years I will be sending Haitian artisan Christmas ornaments and decorations to America to sell, but this year that will not be happening – Christmas 2016 it will happen!

      This year, what people can do is go directly to This goes directly into my support and keeps me here! We also have a child sponsorship program but I do not recommend people to this program unless they would sign up long term, to keep sponsoring a student until they graduate. If they would be interested in doing it long term….it is a great investment, a real human being that they can be a part of breaking cycles with, creating a new future for this person!

      I’ll e-mail too!

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