One Home.

Going between two countries is much more than two countries. It’s two families, two cultures, two dreams of what the future holds, two expectations from peers, two free time options, two opportunities to love people differently, two opinions of what a 25 year old single girl should be doing, two church families…

I catch myself quickly wanting to dream or desire or grab hold of so many things. Sometimes different in the two different places. So many people I love, so many things I believe in or I’m passionate about, so many ways to spend time. It can confuse a girl’s heart when she’s sitting around reflexing on her soul jumping all over in ideas, dreams, wants, pursuits.

But I need to let both places I love fade to shadows in light of eternity before me and the home that is not shaken. The kingdom to build into, the family to build up, the “why” of all of the who, what, and hows. The place I was stitched and wired together with a specific purpose for.

Oh, Jesus. Holy Spirit. Father. I am in desperate need of the constant reminder and deepening understanding of my one home. And infinite gain is what is waiting for me. 

One home means no mixed desires. One home is one big family, and doing all I can to lift up and grow that family. One home is standing firm instead of being tossed by the waves. I do not want to talk about these homes with my time. I want to refuse to lose the focus there is one home for me.


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