So full tonight as Brooke and Haley teamed up with new friend Israel (if you’re looking for an awesome new worship leader, he’s your guy) for bible study to start back up again. 

The mix of people? Exactly who God wanted there. Maybe we’ll talk about it someday.

I just met Israel recently so was interested to hear what he’d say, how he’d lead. Will it be another traditional talk found in every church building? Will it be rules? Will it be reciting?

But instead there was a breathe of fresh air as he not only reacts to life, leading, and questions differently….but also in a way that tugs y heartstrings and that I can get behind because it’s the heartbeat of what I believe and what I have been learning as Christ molds my heart. 

No, it’s not typical. Not what I expected. It’s counter-cultural. And yet I recognize it and the the truths. But the truths I recognize aren’t normal to the people that know me either – they aren’t American, they can’t be found back “home”. Concepts like discipleship and the word being life and the true picture of Jesus as opposed to one of the 58272 false Jesus’ being talked about.

And that’s what’s beautiful. 

He is counter-cultural, doesn’t fit in, living a different way. I am counter-cultural, don’t fit in, living another way. As I translate to Brooke and Haley, we are all talking passionately about things people just don’t “get” as its things God is working in us and not the C-Bus in us. 

But as we attempt to shed what keeps trying to cling to our skin and flesh, the culture and world we are in that wants to drag us back – and as Israel sticks out from his neighbors and the room of his peers, saying things new even for people used to sitting in “Jesus circles”……

We are all stripping ourselves down to choose a new citizenship. American? Haitian? No. Daughter (& Son) of the one true King. Commander of Heaven’s Armies. Eternal timeline as opposed to scrolling through the one Facebook is offering or focusing on times affect on this skin and bones. No matter who we are, where we are, how God is doing it –

He is molding us and cradling our hearts to become his citizens. To all belong in one place. There’s the beauty. We come together and realize we are family, God using our situations and how we are stitched to prepare us for the same place, to have hearts chasing the same things, to learn to cling and live from the same truths.

One citizenship. 

Man it’s beautiful in action.