Snapshot of last night:

Walking back home from a neighbor’s house in the dark after buying some ‘fritay’ with Jessica.

I pass by one of my best friends here, a single mom. I tell her good night, go to kiss her on the cheek.

She nods and acknowledges my goodbye with a smile, but does not break from reciting the school work she is working on with her daughter. She is going line by line with her through her homework, correcting gently when needed and checking all the work.

They are sitting on a half built wall under one of the solar street lights that are near Route Nat. #1. That is the light to get work done after 6:00 in the winter.

Some days in the shade away from the blazing sun of the afternoon, we sit around doing laundry or keeping each other company while one of us is sick & she tells me the dreams she has for her daughter to go further than she has. Her eyes glitter as she giggles and tells me about her daughter’s high marks in class and the way her personality-filled daughter insists on working hard to keep those marks.

In the coolness of night with that blanket of stars that I hope I never get over hanging above our heads, Jessica and I walk away and can still hear the gentle rhythm of her voice, going through grammar lessons as she says a phrase and stops to pause every few lines to leave space and hear a response from her mini-me in a higher pitched voice.


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