The News

Election season in Haiti is historically not something that runs smoothly. This year, keeping up with the trend, there has been some unrest and a lack of clarity around elections – leading up to this weekend, where there was supposed to be the election for the next president tomorrow, Sunday the 24th. The election is now cancelled for tomorrow – no news on what is next.

Election season makes great news – dramatic pictures & stories that are combining with pictures of Haiti that have been painted in the past to show, “once again”, a interesting story full of violence and instability. (These are especially interesting to a country outside of Haiti that may be watching the news. A country that has the privilege to be rich, comfortable, and secure enough that the people watch the screen shaking their heads, saying, “Can you imagine?” – as they ask because literally, they can’t.)

Yes, the elections were cancelled Sunday because of demonstrations all over the country. No, I do not agree that a demonstration is the best way – or even a good way – to be heard. But here’s what I really don’t get – why is “violent Haiti” the main thing heard on world news?

Who is reporting on the election problems/government that brought us here?

Who is reading (to be fair to reporters who try to report, and get sleepy eyes in return) about how the elections so far were found to have inconsistencies and issues, and still the government said, “We’ll go ahead and vote anyway”?

Where is the news outlet that focuses to “shock” the world that what is going on in the government to CAUSE these protests – all I can find are the news outlets looking to gain a profit by “shocking” the world with pictures of burning tires & headlines that make sure to put “Haiti” & “violent” in the same attention grabbing sentence.

The reason there are protests is because people feel unheard. (NOT EVERYONE DEALS WITH BEING UNHEARD THIS WAY & I DON’T AGREE WITH THIS BEING A WAY TO DEAL WITH BEING UNHEARD. My friends & neighbors feel the same way.) I can’t help but feel that the lack of reporting on the root is a small part of what “being unheard” is.

The elections were cancelled for Sunday because of protests.

The news is reporting those protests.

Imagine if the news reported and focused on the government – if that is what led to the elections being cancelled as opposed to the protests. Imagine if the government was seen and called out for inconsistencies. Imagine if negative pictures of a country that does not look like what I am seeing on the news where transformed to show that these are people reacting to a government – and by the way, these people have a lot to offer, and even more if they had a government working with them.

I just feel like I am reading articles about demonstrations & I don’t see anyone really “calling out” the government. I feel another layer of “unheard”.

I know very little on journalism – dropped out of that program and switched to another my freshman year – and I know very little about the government. But I can’t help but put this out there, in the hopes of overcoming ‘the unheard’.

[Yes, by the way, I am completely fine & so is everyone else with CPR-3 & Respire Lavi. We are far from where demonstrations are going on as well as taking lots of precautions, as always. Don’t want any unnecessary worry from the subject of this post :)]



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