God Time.

This week, we prayed for “God time” to happen – for Him to show up and make time to see everyone if we made the value of seeing people and spending time with them the priority, as we are here for people even with medical clinics and pressing lines. We pushed for stopping to “see” every individual person – which is not always easy in a stressful, push forward environment & the pressure to see everyone possible.
So far, the past two days have been some of the calmest two clinics we have ever seen – even seeming slow! But we are seeing the same number of people (over 200 so far) that we do on the “crazy clinic days”.
The team has connected on levels all over the place with patients, and I have already seen the fruit of even just an extra minute to talk to people about worth, value, and other things.
Make what He has shown to be important the priority. Ask Him to show up as you trust He is asking for that priority. Watch Him somehow warp time or whatever is happening & honor your choice to honor Him.

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