Who He Is (Grace, Grace, Grace)

In just a small amount of time, in one book (Zechariah), He says…

“My love is passionate & strong”

“[I] will again comfort”

“[I] chose Jerusalem as my own”

“I myself will be a protective wall”

“I am coming to live among you”

“[I] will once again choose you”

“You can be sure I will rescue”

“I will bring them home again to live safely”

“I will be faithful & just toward them”

Said about Him in the same book…

“spoke kind & comforting words”

“consumed with passion”

“He is once again springing into action from his holy dwelling”

In this book…

He shuts down & sends away the Accuser

He replaces filthy for clean

He doesn’t need people bowing down to Him, and instead leads to real heart change and substance in the lives of those he’s with

Sends wickedness away, to where it came from

This is such a small, small tidbit. This is what, 45 minutes of reading? Maybe? This is who. He. Is. Every word about Him is soaked in it.


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