Election Season.

Y’all, I am NOT about to talk politics.

This is just an issue that I want to keep those with a heart for this lil Caribbean nation up to speed on. Not because “Haiti’s government is so awful” – but because every country has it’s issues, and every government affects it’s people.

Elections were supposed to happen a while ago. There have been delays and issues all over, rumors for some reasons why, proof for others. Demonstrations for things all over the board. It’s affecting people and will continue to.

  • There is currently an interim government in place. They are not “paying their bills”….things like fuel delivery. Meaning, we may eventually have a shortage in gas around here – and prices will fly up – and electricity and one of it’s main sources (generators) will have issues – and transportation will have issues, and public transport could stop. And the city will not then get the farmer’s goods from the countryside. And dominoes will fall all over the place.
  • The government is not equipping and paying public hospitals well (public hospitals are the ones that those with “the least” financially will most likely go). Doctors and workers are striking. People are showing up to the hospital and going untreated (there are people frustrated over a mother in labor who passed away outside the hospital because of this)
  • Demonstrations are blocking roads, causing frustration, keeping unhealthy cycles going in some areas of Port-au-Prince.

Outside of elections, there are just general infrastructure things lately…

  • The big news and major thing affecting many people in the area is a fallen bridge, one of three (really, more like two) ways out of Port-au-Prince. This bridge – which fell because hungry families were stealing bolts at night to sell – fell a couple months ago, before rainy season. No news on a new one. There was a detour put through the riverbed that it went over (since it was a dried up bed) – but that detour is not usable now due to rainy season. We are THANKFUL for rain! However….the bottle necking in and out of Port-au-Prince is making trips that are less than 45 minutes last up to five hours…..one way. This trip is necessary to get teams and drop them off. One round trip can be a day in traffic. (Also….cars can overheat, safety can be an issue sitting there all day…etc). Like I said….no news for a bridge into the city – where the airport, supplies, and so much more are.
  •  It’s sad how often the idea of calling the police when in need is laughed off. Something we take for granted in the USA sometimes, “911” as well as response when it is called. When Pastor Jackson went to the Emergency Room last week after an accident, he waited four hours for help. When Pastor Moise went with his infant Kharis a few nights ago, they said he’d have to wait until 8am (also at emergency). Our systems are not perfect in America…but man, this stuff is tough. It’s 2016!
  • Friends and community members continue to knock on the gate for machete cuts, cleaning and post care after hospital visits, and other medical needs. Ibuprofin, hydrogen peroxide, bandages, and neosporin aren’t household items in our neighborhood.

Not complaining at all. Just observing and informing. This is reality right now…it’s when we’re informed that we can best come alongside!


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