It’s the little things

I may have mentioned the proverb “Piti piti, zwazo fè nich li” – Little by little, the bird makes it’s nest. This is not my favorite Haitian proverb (there are so many good ones), but it is definitely my most used one. I’m always tossing it around in meetings that may feel discouraging to remind us that we are not in the business of quick fixes or microwave results! (Microwave dinners don’t hold a candle to slow cooked barbecue, anyway)

As I come back to get hunkered back down at my desk (which is my first place to work in my own space, by the way! Just set it up this week…..little by little!) after a mild interruption, I shook my head and grinned like a little girl as a realization hit me.

You see, I just figured out the inverter (part of converting solar energy to energy stored in batteries to electricity running through the house) after it chose to get spunky today.

What just happened already made me feel like a straight BOSS. As a 25-year-old female, home improvement/repairs can be the most discouraging and simultaneously empowering juxtaposition in my life. I’m here and therefore, it falls on me.

Ever been that person?

Our inverter straight stopped. No lights. No nothing. No explanation. No history of this behavior…ever. No electricity if I need to ask for help (my back up plan is running a marathon between the back, bottom level battery room and the roof three stories up to send texts, receive them, and run back and forth for more needed info for the conversation. The roof is the only place I get a signal on my phone.)

The inverter problem, after some troubleshooting and a few hours of a back up generator, is solved.


Here’s what is even more awesome, though – I was happy about the inverter, I couldn’t wait to share about what God has done through this electric system since this time last year.

I can tell you what I would have done last May. (Last December, too. Maybe even March? Hey, don’t judge. We’re here to celebrate what God is doing, not ask me why my skull is so thick.)

Screamed/cried at some point. To myself, alone in my room – but it still would have happened. Freaked out. Done the running to the roof before trying to even solve the problem myself (while claiming that looking at the inverter and saying “I don’t understand!” is troubleshooting). Snapped at someone. Been angry and let a bitter root get a stronger hold in my soul that I’m the one dealing with this – a young single female who has never owned a home or run a business, and who didn’t ask to.

That didn’t happen at all today – in fact, besides the constant worry that we are stewarding what we have been given well, it wasn’t a big deal at all. Still interrupted my day and all that – but we’re all good.

And that, friends, is a gift. That is the grace of a Teacher who is more than long suffering with me. That is Jesus. That is the Spirit shaping me for better things that I was created for.

Keep running to the messes. Keep remembering that there is no condemnation, and that He is patiently working in you as you lay your awful heart and attitude at His feet and tell him what it FEELS like is useless the longer that He has you where He placed you. He designed it the way that He did for bigger things in you.

Little by little friends.







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