Relevant Magazine just posted an article challenging short term mission trips…encouraging them and saying they are GOOD, but introducing ideas. One was for matching giving – whatever you had to raise for a trip, give away in partnership.
Imagine the possibilities. Imagine the JOBS if you partnered with an org or microlending company or community development movement. Imagine the issue of long term missionaries – both the lack of them due to the issue of fundraising, or the stress on them to constantly be fundraising.
This is a punch to the gut reality check kind of challenge….but I like the brainstorming that it starts.
I can tell you how many can be employed with that kind of challenge…..if just half of the people that came on a trip in 2015 did this, 100 people could have small jobs. A small business could be started. A training facility and program.
Actually, a lot of people on trips with Breathe Partners ALREADY do this. In giving towards sponsorship and empowering students to go to school while also providing moringa, discipleship, and more – there is huge impact going on there. People sacrificially partner with me when they already have sacrificially given time and presence and money to come on an experience trip. THANK you for who you are….literally, your very character.

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