You know what’s worse than being singled out, not being able to blend in, and everyone assuming you’re a “millionaire”, one who chooses not to share?

Your friends having to suffer for being your friend.

The few friends that are real friends – not seeing you as an opportunity but as a person, people that truly come over and just laugh on the porch with you…the ones that do so much for you, and that you would not get through the day without.

Those friends suffer because they “walk with the blans”.

People assume they have money and blatantly say that they do, people then also assume that they are holding back money and not sharing with others. People always ask them for things and insist they have what they don’t. Being our friend, those friends who are with us day in and day out, is a sacrifice and hard.

Same thing with people who are on staff. People who go over and above to keep me safe and take care of the Sant Mouvman but also are a family with us.

This is one of the things no one tells you about international living.

This is one of those long term things that people don’t see.

It’s pretty lame, y’all. It’s another thing to throw in that bucket of life of “that’s not fair”.

You know how it goes….call me a chich, but don’t you dare start with my friends.

Not deep thoughts here. Just the way life is, and it’d be great if there was another way.


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