The Last Sunday in May

Today is Mother’s Day in Haiti.

Today I watched and learned as a volunteer, a mother, came from the church where they were planning a celebration and sacrificed her afternoon to braid a girl’s hair who was quiet and withdrawn as she is in the center of a domestically unstable situation. Add the situation to a blunt culture, and she is being called out for her bad hair (not taken care of in the moment), lack of manners (she is quiet and not herself and therefore rude in not responding), and her dirty dress.

That mother will get no thanks from the girl, she will get no time back.

That girl ended the hour laughing, singing, and walking around with her head in the air and a sticker to share with everyone.

An hour. A mother’s trained hands and deft fingers braiding. Silly songs and gentle words. She worked quietly and with skill – not slacking simply because this was a “charity braiding”. She was unseen and unknown and used the time to answer questions and have teaching moments with a grown woman who lacks basic skills in this culture.

This is the stuff that the world is aching for from the church. This is breathing life.



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