Does This Post Contradict Itself?

I’m tired of being in the generation of criticizing….everything.

I think it’s social media. Inhaling too much information. Also, assuming everyone wants to know what we are doing, what we are thinking, and which Disney Princess we would be.

I think it’s that we are living on comforts – our money goes to food and shelter, yes….but mostly? We are living in competing comforts and ways to be entertained.

So a news story or viral video happens and eeeeeeveryone has something to say about it.

I would hate to be the parent in the center of the surreal moment of the Cincinnati Zoo this week. Everyone just KNOWS that they’d do life differently and they have an opinion on her life. Then another portion criticizes the people that are criticizing her.  Mwenzanmi.

It’s things like this, that remind me how small minded we are.

Then I remember how small minded I am.

Then I remember how big, good, and gracious He is.

Thank you, Lord, for loving this opinionated and slow-to-action generation….myself included.




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