Peter walked on the water. Jesus is walking, he invites Peter along, and Peter takes that step of faith that no one else does.

He sees the wind and becomes afraid, he starts to fall.

Isn’t it interesting that Peter called out, “Jesus! Save me!”, as he fell?

The very one he doubted for a second – doubting as the wind made him question the ability to be held up on that water as he defied the rules of nature we all live by – is who he naturally called for in the end. Jesus is still what He called out for without thinking.

So often we call out that He is the one we need – at the end of the line, when it’s life or death…we call for Him.

But seconds before, Peter didn’t trust that same God. He doubts Him, he falls, but in the more serious moment (Peter is now sinking, worried for life, actively NOT walking on water and much more at risk than he felt before) – Peter goes back to Him.

Peter knew all along who He trusted….but that wind was REAL.


We do believe, please help our unbelief!


One thought on “Peter.

  1. I love this story! I also love the fact that Peter was drowning, he couldn’t do anything in that moment to save himself. And Jesus could have let him drown for his unbelief, or he could have used any number of ways to save him. What Jesus does is make it personal, He extends his hand and personally grabs hold of Peter. We stumble, He does not let us fall. Thanks, Steph! See you soon.

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