He is still good, & this doesn’t get to have you

In “ministry” (I feel like that word gets overused, but oh well) – there will probably be moments when you feel used, betrayed, misunderstood, misrepresented. By another person in ministry (or the closely related ‘humanitarian work’). (This isn’t “elevating” ministry, but pointing out what could happen in an arena I naively thought was untouchable because it was full of Jesus followers)


Y’all – DON’T LET THESE HAVE YOU. Division does not get to win, bitterness does not get to win, mistrust does not get to win, unforgiveness does not get to win.


Let it refine you, let it slow you to examine YOUR faults and grow, and let it help you embrace Jesus as He calls you to forgive “as quickly & thoroughly as He did” (Ephesians).


I remember hearing this would happen and thinking, “Never!”

Look at lil’ fresh-outta-college Stephanie (and Dalinsky, then known as “the kid that tried to throw mangoes at us”)! Back in the times of wondering what possible bad things could happen or negative interactions could happen when chasing Jesus. Wouldn’t trade what’s happened since then for a thing – cause you know it’s ALL for good.

Whether it happens or not – He is good, and He is intentionally stitching life to thrive, grow, and give Him glory!


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