Every Last Piece.

As a girl, it feels whiny & emotionally driven – at least it feels as if it will be taken that way – if I take a stand against porn. If I challenge the cultural norm, talk about the facts of how it harms, and try to give a reality check in what has become a norm in society.

So when a GUY shares Fight The New Drug or is straight up on the facts – scientific facts about the effects, or the trafficking industry, or fueling abuse – it makes a huge difference. It’s heard differently than my voice, the same facts are said but not seen as emotionally driven, and credibility comes with him more than me.

That’s just the way it is – sociology and psychology would agree with the difference.

So think.

I have white skin.

Imagine the difference if I use my voice to join the fight with others.

Because when I stand up to say, “Why are we still telling racist jokes?”, it isn’t taken as me “taking it personally”.

When I point out that it isn’t fair and it isn’t the same, the way my 6′ 5” white teenage brother can interact with the Reynoldsburg police versus 33% of our city’s population – it is not written off because “it always is a race issue with her”.

My honest observation and admission of my own blind spots and the reality that racism still happens can come off differently, and it will not be reacted to with a “slavery was years ago, get over it”.

My voice being used for a five minute conversation on systems and history and the bigger story and how it all plays into white people having an upper hand in many areas….it won’t be seen the same.

Every. Single. Piece. of us was stitched together intentionally, with purpose, and with a plan on redeeming spaces. Our wealth (whether we have managed it in a way where we feel wealthier than the rest of the world or not) – that piece is intentional. Our gender – intentional. Our peers, co-workers, families – intentional. The spaces we spend time in because our favorite food or hobby – intentional.

Our skin color – intentional.

Every. Last. Piece. is to be used with intention, for things bigger than us.


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