Long Term Partnership Means

Long term partnership means that because of strong and sacrificial core, I can get all teary eyed as I look at pictures of adorable pictures of TiKris on her 18th birthday. I’ve known her since she was 14 and her eyes lit up learning she was born almost exactly when my brother was. Before she knew she’s be a mother so young, before she had to leave school – which she wasn’t taking super seriously anyway. Before she knew she was going to be a Young Lights leader, or the girl that races ahead of any North American girls studying Beth Moore’s Esther…she is always days ahead as she soaks up learning about God’s character and plan for his daughters. Before I fell in love with her hilarious son because he was just a thought. Before she would ever dare meeting up with friends, teenage girls, as school starts to pray together to start the day. Before seeing her responsibly take on jobs and thrive in organizing sponsorship (she does jobs way better than we can!). Before knowing she was going to be living on her own (without either parent, just siblings and cousins) before she’d be allowed to drive back in Ohio.

Oh. My. Heart. I am so thankful for the people who PRAY and GIVE and ENCOURAGE and so much more to be a part of this family doing life together. We are not changing Haiti and bringing a 10 million person revolution all at once or saving lives or inventing hope (God was in Haiti before we learned it was not in Africa), but we ARE learning. We are being present – and saying sorry when we are not good at being present. We are watching others fall in love with Jesus and then themselves, and then flourish in that space. We are doing life ALONGSIDE of and laughing at water fights and playing soccer where we probably shouldn’t. We are eating banana bread and learning how to make it together, and not being offended when American spaghetti is considered gross and clearly not enjoyed. We are shocked at our love for crushed cornmeal and bean sauce, and we have learned to make juices that scream “Caribbean livin’!” on a Saturday morning. We are praying for and learning how to make spaces where real conversations can happen and a counter cultural welcoming atmosphere can become the norm. We are praying against fear to keep loving people even though long term means being here long enough to get hurt as well.

Some days I feel useless and like I’ve accomplished nothing…in fact, I think that the only thing I have done is hurt with all my mishaps and all (those are lies, I know – but they are real). Today I am reminded of what it is about.

She hasn’t stopped by yet as I work on “office stuff” downstairs and check in on my monthly support, seeing where I am at with goals for January that haven’t been met yet. I am SO excited that the gap is decreasing! I dread asking. I will do it anyway cause really, what’s the worst that can happen? You think I’m in it for the money? One of the things we pray is to let go of approval of man – maybe that is why I have been stitched together to fit into a space where I have to fundraise!

So, here’s the other side of long term partnership – the underside, the gears the make the watch tick:

I am only $724 per month away from my goals!

That means if all of the individual who partner with me increased their partnership by $5  (we used to say “a burrito at Chipotle….those days are long over. Dezole),

1 individual (or business) partnered for $100 a month,

1 individual partnered for $75 a month,

2 individuals partnered for $50 a month,

and 3 individuals partnered for $25 a month…

I would be SET! For leading Compassion Corp, connecting with amazing young leaders who are going against this culture’s grain and passionately planning study for their peers week to week, dreaming and implementing more sustainable ways to partner, helping manage experience teams, learning and growing with pastors and the community, and all we are led to do in transforming spaces – we’d be 100%!

So I’m sharing for those of you looking for a place to make a difference that is deeper than a donation into a big organization, one that you aren’t sure where it ends up. This partnership would go straight to me and look like relationships, maintenance, logistics, communication, and planning for dreaming for the future with young adults. I write on this topic that will make people close the tab and keep browsing because somewhere out there, God’s tugging on hearts for the next place to come alongside. My place is to let people know, cause we’ve been praying for this support to come in!

Thanks for loving me, for encouraging me, for reading, for messaging, for supporting, for PRAYING. Thanks for sharing this blog when you consider it something you want others to read and thanks for commenting encouragement. If you are still reading this, thanks for sticking to the end of the blog! You can e-mail me at steph@breathepartners.com to connect on this, or you can comment, or you can check out the website for Breathe here! (I am Stephanie Taylor).

Have a great weekend, y’all!







One thought on “Long Term Partnership Means

  1. Stephanie,

    I love reading your posts and blogs and updates! Oh how I wish that we could double or triple our support for you. I am praying for you and your support.



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