Heartbeat Bill

One of the best things I’ve heard on the pro-life/pro-choice topic – don’t be half in. Go to the end, the logical results.

My feeds are quickly blowing up with news of this new bill.

Please, please, please…..there are adoptions and foster children who need you to step up for the other side of pro-life.

There are young men and young women who would be transformed by models sacrificing time and resources to be a part of their life – whether it’s a program like Big Brother, Big Sister or simply your neighbor.

Men – hold your peers up to a standard of respecting and fighting for women.

Women – stop fighting and comparing. Fight to be family with other women, especially young women.

No matter what your stance is on pro-life or pro-choice – I believe that pro-life going to the furthest ends of the consequences and effects and far reaches of what “pro-life” talks about is something everyone would agree on in redeeming spaces.

For me, this has looked like the risk of personally seriously investing in young women who turned to young mothers after saying no to back alley abortions they were considering. I never planned on investment, I planned on “loving”…praying….and then you can’t deny opportunities in front of you that if you don’t step up, who will? This demands time. It demands resources. It demands patience. It demands slowing down. It demands my agenda being second. It means lots of grace with myself, it means this “I’m not really a kid person” girl is now the one holding the kiddos on Monday nights. It is worth it. Spaces are redeemed. Christ does SO much with action louder than opinion.


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