Rabbit Trails.

I am the queen of rabbit trails. It’s the way my brain works, stemming off from one topic to another and thinking about expanded perspective and every side of the prism being seen. I am either very quiet and avoiding small talk, or I am a never ending flow of words if we’re talking about something I care about. No middle ground some days.

So it’s fitting that I’m often caught and brought into a truth on the way to another thing I am looking into.

Tonight I’m on the way to encouragement and depth as I am discouraged and my heart and mind need refreshed cause we’re on this side of the new earth and heaven. People are hard to do life with, and I am hard to do life with when I get inside my head too much. People hurt people sometimes, especially hurting people. People misunderstand, especially when you’re trying to aim at Jesus – the ultimate example of being misunderstood (His own BFFs and life on life community…..SO often on a different page).

Here’s the point:

I’m flipping there,

and I pass the book of Jonah,

and once again I am reminded that He is furiously chasing after lost people and will do what it takes to extend OCEANS of grace and mercy. And I am a part of that story. And we will keep going.

Cause it’s about the Ninevites.

And He clearly says that they are worth it.


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