We’ve GOTTA celebrate something together!
I have both a dream, and a little bit of a soapbox I have tried not to step up on, about students supporting missions (or SOMETHING outside of themselves in the world). I’ve almost written a blog a couple times, and then I back off.
We (I say we cause I was there) say, “broke!”, #thestruggle, and talk on inching cars along with gas on E.
**I am not talking to those actually fighting and working hard to get by, who pay bills and support family or others. I am talking on those with time and money management that keep Taco Bell wrappers filling the car and fashion changes based on the season.
Y’all have SO MUCH MONEY. SO MUCH. YES, it can get stretched thin and there are so many things it CAN be used on. Yes, gas adds up quick and food and needs for school and life add up to. But any pair of shoes that you do not NEED (like, you need it for a purpose and not a fashion choice), any form of entertainment (from monthly subscriptions to a new gadget), and the amount of times a week you eat away from home tell the story without a bank account being seen.
There is so much potential for personal, generational, and world change if people would step up and make decisions that reflect generosity and money that is not ‘yours’ starting NOW, not before ‘an adult job’.
So to my point:
I want to CELEBRATE the world changers who are unseen, no one knows what they are doing. 
Because of my role as Compassion Corp Director, I get an insider’s peek as people fundraise, fail, get up again, get encouraged, get discouraged and doubtful, put themselves out there, debate where they could go for help. And then sometimes I hear the stories that turned their doubt around, or encouraged them, or straight had them dancing around the living room.
A student who is fundraising recently had a conversation with me where I suggested what I was just talking about – I said they should try asking  peers. Which sounds crazy. Students don’t have money, or they will say they won’t. Adults and people with jobs and $35 fancy lunches out can’t do $25 a month….a student? That’s the best suggestion you’ve got, director? (Plus – awkward to ask friends).
That afternoon, I got a text about three new financial partners for this Compassion Corp student.
I talked with this student, so encouraged and hopeful about this being doable, and heard more behind stories of complete opposite reactions to what was expected. Generosity, excitement, and encouragement from peers. After school jobs as a source of world change. Instead of shame or awkward conversations, there is an environment of mission, chasing Jesus, and “yes” in the unseen and mundane.
Because these partners will not be known or look for recognition, I’ve gotta say it. I’ve gotta celebrate it. The counter-cultural lief choices, the decisions to honor God that NO ONE will see or know (except for the Compassion Corp student it affects and an accounting firm that doesn’t know the giver), the mundane, the unseen.
This will and already is transforming spaces, y’all.
I have dreamed and written and prayed on the potential if a generation would live like this. I could talk all morning on it with you. But you’ve given before, some time in your life. You’ve said an unseen yes before, some time in your life. I know that you already know what I mean when I say that students – high schoolers, college students – taking opportunities NOW and not separating it from themselves “for the future”, “once I’m an adult”….will change the world.
If you are one of those people – I AM CELEBRATING YOU. Just as much as a Compassion Corp student stepping out in a yes, I am celebrating YOU. I believe in YOU. I am here, I am persevering and creating and dreaming of how to equip and unleash young leaders – because of YOU.
Mundane, unseen yeses and acts of obedience and generosity will revolutionize and change this world quicker than you can say “I bought a pair of TOMS last week”.
Keep being the difference, students. This is me, cheering you on for what no one knows that you are doing.

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