I have no idea how to use this blog, what stories to share anymore.

I assume that many people expect and desire pictures of Haiti, stories of adventure and spiritual depth and other worlds. I wrestle with my lack of stories as well as wrestle with the definition of privacy and dignity when there is a story to share.

There are thoughts all the time I wish the world could hear and see – but then there’s not being sure how to share, or it not “fitting” the blog.

I’m learning a LOT in this season and I think we should be talking about it – stress, grieving, self-care, burn out, unrealistic expectations as the severe stresses of life on mission are just part of the job and therefore not dealt with. Should I take the time to write on that?

There’s scripture that I just want to post.

Then there’s just simple things that make me want to shout “Y’ALL. WHO CARES ABOUT A GOOD BLOG, LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS” – things like…I’m updating prayers for job opportunity for a sweet friend. A single mom who wants to provide for her kids. A neighbor with the best sense of humor and a fun heart that is one of my favorite to sit and share life with. A woman who has been wanting a job for the entire three years I’ve known her. There’s just no opportunity.


That’s what I need to post on right now.



No opportunity for a skilled, able, and willing young woman in her mid-20’s.

There are no jobs. It’s like the Lion King when Simba’s mom is talking to Scar – there IS nothing in the land. It’s not an issue of not finding it.

Guys….we are all exhausted by a hurting world and a constant barrage of images, videos, and stories on our newsfeed that we can do seemingly nothing about.

But this. This reality. I’m not sure what to post, but I know that as long as I keep meeting and doing life with, I will post this.


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