Culture studies means knowing the importance of speaking to the heart of how people think – and Americans love options! Clear choices, and a lot of them – this is a Western way of thinking that my dear friends and readers prefer!

So because I love y’all and am perfectly content to contextualize for Western thinking just how we are teaching Compassion Corp to examine biblical truths and then communicate them in a way relevant to culture….here are options!

So as I talk about financial partnership – here’s the clear numbers and the variety of options! I need about $1000 a month in partnership, which breaks up a lot of ways…

  • 10 partners at $100 a month would cover this completely!
  • 5 partners at $100 a month and 10 partners at $50 a month would also cover financial partnership completely!
  • An annual partnership for $2000 would take my monthly need down to $835 a month, which is a big difference!
  • An employer matching a $100 a month gift (making it $200 a month total), would cover 20% of my current need to keep developing leaders through Compassion Corp and lead our Haiti Team with Breathe!
  • If 15 students wanted to make a global impact with $30 a month partnerships, that would cover almost HALF of the need for financial partnership. That’s fifteen high school and college students – there are literally thousands of employed students in central Ohio where I am from! If there’s no current margin in budget – three to go meals or one outfit accessory a month could instead go into developing leaders to make a change in the world.

I spent $50 on necessary toiletries this week – shampoo, conditioner, face wash, razors, etc. Life is EXPENSIVE, isn’t it? I know that little things add up and margin can feel impossible. I also know that there are asks around every corner and endless needs. Add the fact that I am less and less on the “front lines” and more and more raising up leaders (aka American students) instead…and it’s just hard to make to choice to give.

But for every Facebook post about doom and gloom and every tweet that is half-humor, half-reality on creation just overflowing with need for redemption…this is what I believe God has asked me to do in response. Asking is hard, and staying at this is hard, and creating new programs is hard – but there are students being equipped in a way that didn’t exist five years ago to go out and breathe life into whatever space God is creating them for. And partnership with me means that you are equipping these students too – which shifts the “dark” feel of timelines to opportunities to hope, pray, and get excited about what God is doing!

So – the options are there. My ask feels overwhelming. My God called me anyway. If you like the idea of one of these options or have a number or way to give that is specific to you ($45 a month because that is what was just freed up in your account, a $4000 gift in the new year after your tax return and some other finances line up, increasing current support levels) – please e-mail me! My e-mail is and I would be so, so grateful to hear from you.

And partners…..I so very, very much appreciate you! There are about 40 of you that make ALL of this happen, not including every person that dedicates time in prayer or sends an encouraging message! You ARE THE DIFFERENCE in the world everyone is shaking their heads at and looking for leaders in!