Can’t Compare the Lanes

In case you haven’t heard yet from me sharing on social media – I seem to be transitioning from typing to talking.

Same things I’d write about, I am stepping in to speaking instead.

Because you’ve been with me from the start, here’s some stuff to share with you that I don’t say in my first attempt at this:

  • It’s weird that this is intimidating – but it is. I can tell you this, cause we’re close, right? I didn’t want to put myself out there in a new way. But y’all – there is not a doubt that God was talking to me about it. I waste a lot of time in disobedience and….why? Why would I not say yes?
  • This topic, Can’t Compare the Lanes, really did happen after a trip at the end of January. And I was SO full, friends, SO MUCH SO. It was refreshing and rejuvenating and there was so much taught to me and there was so much conversation between me and God, chatting like excited teenage girls in my head. One of the firm things I was confident of is that where I am and what I do is SO what I have been created for right now – AND NO ONE ELSE IS DOING IT. There is no comparison that should be able to sneak in because I am so far from any boxes that I am aware of that exist. And this comparison/failure/measuring stick sneaks in so quick. The older I get the more I shake my head at how I’m in a continual 24-hour process of the same lesson again and again.
  • I reshot this multiple times, always cutting the video off because it was too long. My goal was 2-3 minutes, then 5. This is 17:00 ahahahaha…….that’s how that went.

No pressure to watch if you are a reader, and I am sorry if you miss the way that I used to blog and share with you more! It was a good run that we had here…and maybe it isn’t over forever, and it’s just this season! If you ever want a good email conversation or coffee when I’m in town, I’d be happy to talk about the process of me transitioning to talking instead of typing.

Here’s to praying for the purpose in speaking – one of the only things I’m sure of is people falling more in love with the Word. Let’s pray and see!