About Stephanie


Stephanie, 26 years old, living in Bercy (Cabaret, Haiti).

(Where is Cabaret? https://maps.google.com/maps?q=cabaret,+haiti&ie=UTF-8&ei=kS4xUfTrG-LE0QHEsIGgBw&ved=0CAsQ_AUoAg)

Serving with Breathe Partners, which looks a lot like doing relationships, dreaming big, and acting to make those dreams happen.


Just as important as getting physical & spiritual hope to those in developing countries is the message that each individual is a piece that is not replicated – you were created unique and the puzzle is incomplete without you. I’m passionate to help others realize their potential, who they were created to be, and who the ultimate designer sees them as.

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Jezi se espwa? What’s with the name?

Honestly, I made the name as an excited, big eyed 22-year-old about to move to Haiti. Who knows, I was being clever at the time and three years later it looks cheesy if we’re honest. But I still believe it what it was meant to communicate.

Jezi se espwa (which is an awful sentence grammar wise now that I know more Creole)  means “Jesus is hope”. I live in a country where I hear and see people constantly on social media talking about “Hope in Haiti”, “Changing Lives in Haiti”….and so on. I have seen many kinds of efforts and initiatives. I’ve heard hundreds of ideas – some that never came to fruition because they were those starter ideas you throw out, and some that I wish dreamers would come take a chance and do! But in the middle of a place that some have tagged “The Republic of NGOs” (when it is SO much more, by the way…the culture here is amazing!) – all of the efforts are wastes of breathe without a core locked in on being mad in love with Jesus and sharing that love (1 Corinthians 13 backs me up – “banging cymbal” has never been a way to compliment someone!)

No one is “bringing hope” to Haiti, because God is the one who made it in the beginning and followed it since then, continuing to stitch every individual and detail together. CPR-3/Breathe Partners exists to empower and train Oganizasyon Respire Lavi Ayiti (ORLA) as this completely Haitian run board of pastors plants churches that shout truth and grace, making disciples who make disciples across a nation. The point is Jesus. Jesus is hope.

And, according to the beautiful women around me, “Lespwa fè viv”
(Where there’s hope, there’s life – a Haitian proverb). It is when we accurately define what hope is that we see people come alive.

Twitter: steph2haiti

Instagram: steph2haiti

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.taylor.754

Breathe Partners: http://www.breathepartners.com


4 thoughts on “About Stephanie

  1. I think it is really cool that you get to go down with a team, boy the emotions will be strong a week from now when they are about to leave. Do me one favor, make sure Naomi gets on the plane. I know she wishes she could be in your shoes. Maybe we can send her to retrieve you in a year. Thanks for doing this blog!!! May God work through you.

  2. Stephanie,
    The quiet house is a reminder that your journey has officially begun. I am so thankful that the medical team in there with you this week!
    This morning, we will be at Grace Fellowship surrounded by so many people that love and support you, while you will be worshipping in Canaan with a special group of people from Grace. I am excited for you to spend your first day in the city where part of your heart has been since last June!
    Although we are already missing you, there is a precious closeness in knowing we are all worshipping our Savior today.
    I love you sweet girl!

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