Prayer Requests

Summer 2017

The relationship of Breathe Partners with our home community of Bercy, Haiti

Personal chasing and grounding in Jesus

Learning and living out self-care – and then leading and teaching it!

Heart problems in a teenage mother

Seizure complications with a Young Lights leader

Job opportunity for a dear friend, “G”. A single mother with an awesome sense of humor and a desire to work that she has had since I met her three years ago….there is just no opportunity.

Praises from the past

“Two teenage friends of mine, both mothers, are currently homeless and “couch surfing”. They have exhausted friend and family resources and one of them has a small income weekly (just enough to have a little something as a young mom), but the other has no income.” – Both mothers found housing! One also works hard at small jobs she is able to find among Haitian leadership that is recognizing her skill sets. She is also sponsored to go to school again!

“Pray with me as I help lead Compassion Corp participants – two are on the ground, another joins in January, and we are prepping for the most intentional summer yet of interns!” – Every summer, God more than answers these prayers. THANK you. You have also prayed Brooke, one of the Compassion Corp students, to pilot our three year program and be an essential part of our org!

Interested in being a dedicated prayer warrior, included on the e-mails I send? Email me at!


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